The Iguana universal jointless wiper blade series balances a perfect combination of performance and affordability, and is ideally posiitoned for all price-conscious markets where keen & competitive pricing along with minimum inventory commitment are imperative but quality and performance must not be sacrificed.


The Iguana wiper blade range has been designed to inject life into a historically conservative market by the use of innovative and unusual branding, as well as demonstrating that it IS possible to produce a wiper blade range that is competitively priced without falling into the trap of sacrificing good quality and performance by the use of sub standard materials and/or manufacturing processes.

The Iguana range comes in perhaps the most striking & intriguing wiper blade packaging on the market. Boxes are manufactured from high quality bright white card emblazoned with the striking Iguana mascot, Bryan. This packaging is guaranteed to catch the eye & interest of all visitors to factors & garages to encourage sales.

Each individual box contains 1 wiper blade (with protective plastic holder), as well as an individual inner box containing all necessary connectors, with detailed fitting instructions to allow the user to quickly and easily select the right connector and fit the blade to their vehicle.

The Iguana range is supported by one of the most up to date catalogues available, both in printed format and online via the Iguana eco-catalogue, both of which also feature no reference or link to CCL.

To view the Iguana range available please click here, or for detailed range information, applications, and fitting instructions visit the dedicated eco-catalogue at www.iguanablades.com

You can also follow the adventures of Bryan the Iguana mascot on Twitter - tweet Bryan at twitter.com/bryantheiguana